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Haikal-Arif Need To Beat Higher-Ranked Pairs

National men’s doubles coach Tan Bin Shen said Mohd Haikal Nazri-Wan Arif Wan Junaidi needs to start beating pairs that have higher ranked.

Bin Shen said this should be their target as they progress. Haikal-Arif was paired together last year and had just reached No. 44 in the latest world rankings after the recent Vietnam Open.

Haikal-Arif Lack Of Experience

Image Credit: Pikiran Rakyat

Bin Shen isn’t satisfied with their performance. Although they are doing alright, they need to start beating pairs that are higher ranked than them.

Their opponent in the Vietnam open semi-finals has been playing in top-tier tournaments, including the Thomas Cup. This proved that their experience is crucial, and Haikal-Arif still lacks this. They need to work on their strength and tactics. Haikal-Arif may face Jiting-Haodong in the Indonesian Masters.

The Haikal-Arif have to do their best to reach the final. They will work on a strategy to beat the Chinese pair if Haikal-Arif meets them again.

Haikal-Arif has never captured a World Tour title. Their best result was runners-up in the Orleans Masters.

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